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Kankakee County Health Department provides this service to help you find information regarding inspection scores and compliance with safe food practices of the various types of food service establishments in Kankakee County.


About the Scores
Scores assigned during food inspections are used by the Kankakee County Health Department to measure food service establishments' compliance with sanitation codes. The department provides protection against foodborne illness by assuring that foods provided by food service establishments, retail food stores, and temporary food service events in Kankakee County are protected against contamination or adulteration.

Food Score Definitions
Routine Score: Initial Score for the facility at the time of inspection.
Corrected Score: Score given after some violations have been corrected at time of the routine inspection.
Critical Violations: Violations which, if not corrected, are more likely to directly contribute to food contamination, illness, or unwholesomeness. Examples of critical violations include poor temperature control of food such as improper cooking, cooling, holding or reheating temperatures. Hygienic practices are also regarded as critical violations.
Non-Critical Violations: Non-critical violations do not directly relate to foodborne illness risk, but are preventive measures that include practices and procedures which effectively control environmental conditions. Examples of non-critical violations include: poor maintenance of nonfood-contact surfaces; improper storage and handling of clean equipment and utensils; various dumpster violations including failure to keep the lid closed or the drain plug in place; and cleaning of walls, floors, and ceilings.

Frequency of Inspections
Routine food inspections are conducted one of three times each year depending upon the risk assessment classification assigned to each facility. Facilities are classified into three categories. Click here for the Category Definitions.